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Gunter's in the Grove


Posted 9:58 am, 03/11/2013

its not just bluegrass music you **** very often do we play bluegrass at the bar, more country, rock, southern rock and country, rap dance music just good times.. You dont like it stay out And YES bluegrass fits in any bar enviroment it makes great remix dance music.


Posted 9:54 am, 03/11/2013

It is a very laid back place. statring to grow very big fast crowds on friday and saturday nights. the bar is hosting some pretty big name bands and singers now. even some from nashville.. Food is great thursday nights 45 cent wings $1.00 bud lights with karoke. friday night all u can eat crab legs and shrimp $20 and pizza buffet for $7.00 and drink specials and dance party. aturday night is usually band night. Also pool turnaments wensday, thursday, and friday night. after 10 pm on friday and sat is 18 or older sometime 21. but its a great place to let loose have good time locals or not it a good time. also have 2 bars now one indoors one out back..


Posted 5:19 pm, 03/07/2013

Usually I never do this type stuff but garygnu, who the **** are you I'm a 24 year old college educated, blonde attractive woman who loves bluegrass loves to hear live music and would like if gunters wouldn't play some hiphop bull**** and bring us back to our roots if you knew any **** thing about this part of iredell county you would know union grove wouldn't be anything without bluegrass. Ps sorryo to burst ur bubble but bands(local nc band) avett brothers n others have mainstreamed new grass bluegrass and much younger people than I enjoy it so take ur head outta ur *** and learn the roots of the community and get some appreciation for real (hopefully) local musicians!


Posted 9:28 pm, 03/10/2012

listen to the words....listen to good bluegrass....not the free crap everyone has in union grove....


Posted 9:32 pm, 03/08/2012

You mean, other than the well known fact that bluegrass sucks? LOL

It just doesn't seem to fit the typical bar environment. Bars usually cater to the 20-30 year old crowd, and bluegrass typically appeals to the 50+ year olds. A bar survives on people being social and continuing to buy drinks, and bluegrass music simply does not encourage that type of atmosphere.


Posted 6:25 am, 03/08/2012

Yes Bluegrass Music in a bar...and why not


Posted 10:32 pm, 03/06/2012

Bluegrass music in a bar? Seriously?


Posted 3:11 pm, 03/03/2012

I have been there a couple of times. Always good food and good service. Nice to have this place in Union Grove. Hope they continue having live bluegrass music too!


Posted 8:47 am, 03/02/2012

We have had pizza wings and mozarella sticks from there and it was good. The staff was friendly and service was good for a "bar" type atmosphere.


Posted 5:37 am, 03/02/2012

It used to be LJ's sports bar and grill. Has anyone eaten here and if so how is it??

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