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What happened at Central last night?


Posted 4:38 pm, 02/24/2012

That would be a media poll....people who work for media as in newspapers and tv use that

in a bit

Posted 3:00 pm, 02/24/2012

Facts checked for wcbasketball:


And this poll unlike Maxpreps is by people who have seen people in NC play


Posted 9:08 am, 02/24/2012

Sure looks good for starmount fans


Posted 11:04 pm, 02/23/2012

Great analysis, Youbet. Seeing the numbers helped me re-live the 2006 game at Starmount. That was my senior year and that was a huge win for us en route to our first conference title in lord knows how many years.


Posted 6:21 pm, 02/23/2012

Wow youbet I am impressed with your statistics. Great job! How did you know all this?


Posted 4:29 pm, 02/23/2012

It should be noted

in 2010 Starmount avg 52.3 ppg and Wilkes Central held them to a season low of 35 points. Before East Rutherford held them to 14 in the 1st round of the playoffs. Wilkes Central went on to win two playoff games before losing to Shelby 28-3 in the 3rd round.

Since 2005 Playoff overall record

Starmount 5 -7 made it to the 4th round in 2008

Wilkes Central 7 - 7 made it to the 3rd round in 2007 and 2010.


Posted 4:19 pm, 02/23/2012

Overall Record from 1999 thru 2011

Starmount 114 - 52

Wilkes Central 68 - 86

Overall Record from 2005 thru 2011

Starmount 55 - 32

Wilkes Central 53 - 36

In head to head Match Ups

Starmount 5 wins (Last 4 in a row)

Wilkes Central 2 wins

05 Starmount 21 WC 6

06 WC 37 Starmount 29

07 WC 41 Starmount 14

08 Starmount 44 WC 20

09 Starmount 41 WC 17

10 Starmount 35 WC 14

11 Starmount 24 WC 17


Starmount 29.7

Wilkes Central 21.7


Posted 1:55 pm, 02/23/2012

WC plays Pisgah at home tomorrow night Friday Feb 24th @ 7pm. Here is a link to all the brackets...



Posted 1:53 pm, 02/23/2012

When does WC play their 3rd round game, and who do they play?


Posted 1:30 pm, 02/23/2012

Try again wcbasketball... WC Girls are not 1st in state...they are ranked 23rd in State and 4th in State Division 2A. Now onto the WC Boys...not 10th in State...but ranked 156th in State and 24th in State Division 2A. Get your facts straight before posting!


Posted 10:26 am, 02/22/2012

Wizard can you give us a run down on central vs Starmount in football from the beginning?


Posted 8:34 am, 02/22/2012

When you win five(5) playoff games in one year, then we can talk. Why did you limit your record to just the last five years?


Posted 10:06 pm, 02/21/2012

Haha this is priceless. Starmount does beat WC in football, but if you really wanna nip pick, WC has won more playoff games than Starmount in the past 5 years. What does that say? WC can't win everything, but what other school can say they finish in the top-2 in the big 3 (Football/Basketball/Baseball). Only WC. Not to mention, WC Girls are ranked in 1st in the state, and the boys are 10th.


Posted 9:39 pm, 02/21/2012

sweep starmount in basketball 3 times in 1 season im pretty sure thats worse


Posted 8:48 pm, 02/21/2012

We aren't talking about football and we kicked your butt in basketball.


Posted 8:18 pm, 02/21/2012

Why is it that WC just can't win a football game when they come to Boonville? Seems most times they come down here or we go up there they get their little dub butt whipped. Them sissies just can't beat the RAMS!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha....


Posted 7:24 pm, 02/21/2012

lol. Back it up? jesus h. Quit acting like some MS13 gang member, my god, you live in Wilkesboro.


Posted 3:46 pm, 02/21/2012

everyone is mad because wc has a bad*** student section and some kids that can talk junk and back it up


Posted 3:23 pm, 02/20/2012

It just amazes me,that adults an kids seem to think they can act,as they please at sporting events,if it held in a high school event or college events. They don't think about how they make themselves looks to everyone that these sporting events. It seems to happen more often here in Wilkes because of all the rivalries. Even when it comes to small kid sporting events,parents don't take into consideration that when they show their behinds,that their kids are ashamed of what their parents have done in front of their friends an everyone else. Parents in general,need to understand that coaches are there to coach,even tho they may not approve of the coaches decisions,besides standing up an screaming their heads off in front of everyone that they don't approve of something,they need to talk to the coach in private over the issue. Parents need to set a good example of good sportsmanship to kids in general.


Posted 12:19 pm, 02/20/2012

whoall- congrats on that WC win. Please don't be proud of your fans/students for their behavior though. My son has played sports for 4 years now and WC consistantly has students that seem to think they get a free pass to behave as they wish. Not all of them, by the way. It just seems to give them a bad wrap when those few seem to get by with it.

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