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Nascar Sprint Cup Series.


Posted 6:57 pm, 04/23/2014

It's too bad....

Clean it up

Posted 11:59 am, 04/23/2014

To bad he don't know how to spell Wilkesboro


Posted 7:09 am, 04/23/2014

Dale Jr. bought the old 76 gas station ball from N. Wilkesboro speedway....


Posted 6:58 am, 04/23/2014

Another Saturday night shootout this weekend @ Richmond. # 24 might get his first win of the season.Don't count # 48 out...The season is just getting started. Should be a good race.


Posted 4:38 pm, 04/06/2014

i'm going with stewart-haas racing today @texas#14 smoke & happy harvick#4, should be a good race if they ever drop the green flag.


Posted 11:46 am, 04/06/2014

#2 & #48 today @ Texas.....


Posted 5:07 pm, 03/24/2014

Who s everybody's dark horse for Martinsville? I'm going with Newman #31, he in a rcr car ,there good there and Ryan gets up on the wheel


Posted 9:57 am, 03/24/2014

Congrats to Rowdy On to Martinsville, Team Hendrick will be hard to guard. Should be another great day of racing.


Posted 10:36 pm, 03/16/2014

you keep talking as if it happens every rd, hardly many holeshot wins in race weekend. 98% of time best car wins. plus if car fast enough , they run back down in pass them for win. by what you say , same can be said for nascar restarts on green white checker, car spin tires, or get jump, run other cars line and hold them off , not enough laps. see anybody can spin things to a debate


Posted 10:09 pm, 03/16/2014

let me explain nhra to you like this.Me and you in a 100' foot race,Im old and fat,your young and fit but when the light turns green and I get two steps first and I can halfarse run you cant beat me.see im not near as fast as you but react better race was won there not on the track


Posted 10:00 pm, 03/16/2014

its called reaction time. same thing if you drag race someone on street or stoplight to stoplight, plus had 2 restarts and still pulled away, no excuses


Posted 9:57 pm, 03/16/2014

I agree nascars not what it should be the last two weeks the race has been decided by pit stops,but drag racing really is a joke,you race a light,have the races one car don't even get down the track,you can be faster and lose I mean really


Posted 9:50 pm, 03/16/2014

8,000hp cars going 0-over 300mph side by side under 4 seconds isn't racing,lol ok. race where you depend on hp and setup to win most rd's races, vs where someone can win with old tires or gas mileage,lol fact is ford won both, just a fact


Posted 9:44 pm, 03/16/2014

cant use NHRA and race in same sentence,you should say in NHRA so &so driver seen green light before so &so today get win


Posted 9:41 pm, 03/16/2014

hdsg excuses excuses, they won, that's it, won 2 weeks in a row. won funnycar drag racing, lol not a great day for hdsg, dook loses, then ford owns both major racing races today,lol


Posted 9:38 pm, 03/16/2014



Posted 9:36 pm, 03/16/2014

good night for ford but remember out of those 4 ford not one of them passed a car to get there,they can get there by not piting but cant do it under green on the track


Posted 9:32 pm, 03/16/2014

FORD WINS 4 fords top 5 2 weeks in row GO FORD


Posted 6:25 pm, 03/09/2014

GOOD PICK TODAY scottieboy , you are getting good @ picking the winner ,,you need to start getting in those big pools where they make bids on each driver,,,,you would be top of the game,,,keep up the good work.


Posted 1:05 pm, 03/09/2014


Posted 2:52 pm, 03/08/2014

The main thing wrong with nascar is. All the body are same, you got 3-4 engine builders supplying 43 cars. Which makes everyone runing the same power range and speed.the setups for each power teams are close to the same, so90% of time they run the same lines on racetrack.with engines runing same power curve, they pick throttle up at about same place on track,so unless you get good draft in right place hard to gain on person in front. Also same setups, unless few cars are handling better than the rest, we see very few lead changes . That's why they whine about track position. We need 2 cars per team limit. No saltlite teams. The factory brands use cash they were giving to give other brand teams.each team needs to build own engines, no supplying engines for other teams,just there 2cars. Then open up what setups you can use, give them some lead way.then racing would be a lot better

You're right The lack of racing is not there, anymore. I hope NASCAR will fix the issues before, it's too late.

The only thing that is keeping me interested, i join a couple of race pools every week.

#2 & #48 today @ VEGAS.

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